Don't Bother To Knock

Don't Bother To Knock


Discription :

An Edinburgh travel agent loses his keys and his fiancé in one night. A friend finds the keys and makes loads of copies with his address attached as a joke. She gives them to him as he leaves for a holiday. He gives the keys to several women he romances across the continent. He gets engaged again by phone and arranges to meet his fiancé at his flat, but the flat isn't empty

Cast and Crew :

  • Directors : Cyril Frankel
  • Actor : Elke Sommer, John Le Mesurier, Richard Todd, Nicole Maurey, June Thorburn, Rik Battaglia, Judith Anderson, Dawn Beret, Scott Finch, Eleanor Summerfield, Colin Gordon, Kenneth Fortescue, Ronald Fraser, Tommy Duggan, Michael Shepley,
  • Genre : Romance
  • Release : 1961-05-28
  • Duration : 01:29:00