Flashington | Inferno


  • R
  • 1980-02-07
  • 01:47:00
7/ 10
332 votes

Horror, Thriller

A young man returns from Rome to his sister's satanic New York apartment house.

DemoGuy - 01 December 2020
Good western movie
Good western movie and please watch once
User - 26 November 2020
affirms the classic image of good versus evil...

The narrative affirms the classic image of good versus evil in the form of a struggle of brother against brother. The main character, Lin Macadam, played by James Stewart, represents justice and righteousness. His brother, who operates under the persona of Dutch Henry Brown, played by Stephen McNally, stands for the classic stage-coach robbing western outlaw, chased by his brother for having killed their father. The world the story takes place is the classic dystopian west where the only way to prevent its inhabitants from killing each other is to take away their sidearms as soon as they enter town, and the man responsible for keeping this law and order is the classic western lawman Wyat Earp.

Warning: Spoilers
User - 09 November 2020

Great Movie !!

Warning: Spoilers